Everyone is excited by the warming weather on Sebago Lake


Come to Camp Wohelo right now with this cool Virtual Tour!
It takes a little work to get used to it but you can scroll around and look in every direction and click the arrows to go to a new spot.  You can also view the different locations through the panel bar at the bottom.

A couple new photos for the museum.  Even while they are still making history.


Wohelo is now the proud owner of brand new Annies and Baby Annies for teaching and re certifying CPR.  Just in time to try out our new onesies.


We can honestly say that Health is our middle name here at Wohelo (WOrk-HEalth-LOve).  So we are so pleased to have a dream team of Registered Nurses here this summer.

Kathy Kuhn (1st session LW):  9th summer at Wohelo and  4th as camp nurse.  Kathy’s background is in PICU and peds oncology.  She has two daughters (7 and 9) who will attend Wohelo this summer and one son who will start at Agawam.  She may be the only camp nurse in Maine who lives in KY during the year:-)

Jorie Ohlson (1st session Sebago Wohelo [SW]): Jorie is a former SW counselor and joins us for her third summer at Wohelo as a camp nurse.  Jorie works as a school nurse at Gould Academy during the year.

Katie Morang (2nd session LW): Katie is an ED nurse at Augusta Medical Center and is currently enrolled as an FNP student at USM,  Her daughter, Alyson, will be a camper at LW this summer.

Tonia Makosky (2nd session SW): Tonia is back for her 3rd summer as a camp nurse, but her umpteenth summer at Wohelo:-)  Tonia is an ANP in the Boston area and is pursuing her doctorate in nursing.


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