Thanks to Bailey McWilliams for the Wohelo Pumpkin photo.  She has been working at Migis Lodge since camp and carved it there.

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Timelaspe sunset from Louise’s Birthday on October 28th, 2014.



Rookies changing colors above and the view from Bluebirds cabin in October below.



The Sebago Wohelo sail cove was built in the 1950’s and has been serving us well since.  Above photo is from when it was pretty new.  Notice lower water than we ever get in the summers now.
The girls are sitting on a big Navy Life raft that is flipped over.


Repairs were necessary however and the guys have been working hard on it.  With the low fall water levels they dig out the whole back of the  wall, rebuild the dock, and then fill it back in with rocks and sand.
Below are Rick, Rick and Davis over the completed section they were working on above.  Looks Great!

and while we are on the Dodsons…… Rick’s daughter Amanda was a wonderful counselor at Wohelo and based on this article in the Boston Globe this month it looks as if she is carrying that on as a teacher.