This Belted Kingfisher is still living around the Sail Cove and we see him feeding often.  Here he is checking the wind.
Hope he sticks around for Little Gypsy bird identification next summer.

Mark thoroughly enjoyed giving a tour of Wohelo to Ozzie Jewett’s daughter, Brenda, this September.   Ozzie worked at Wohelo for over 50 years and is famous for perfecting the current Chicken B-B-Q recipe and cooking system.


The first sixth generation Gulick (from the Halsey and Dottie side) was born last month!
Ok here we go….First there was Hiiteni and Timanous……..

sivad-at-pointOf their 4 children,  Halsey Gulick married Dottie Merrill  took over the camps and had three daughters.  Kate, Charlie and Louise.  Charlie lower left.
Charlie Gulick married Roger Hewson and had three kids,  Deborah, Evelyn and Halsey.  Charlie was the Director of Little Wohelo for many years and then Evelyn was also.   Deborah was a Wohelo girl and artist (see artwork below).  All of Evelyn and Deborah’s children have been at Wohelo or Timanous as campers and staff, with Parker and Merrill being welcome additions to the Wohelo kitchens for several summers.
Below – Roger, Parker, Dana, Deborah, Charlie, Molly, Evelyn, Seth, Abbie, Bruce – missing Halsey

hewson-clan Abbie,  Evelyn’s oldest daughter, was at Wohelo for 9 summers and she and her husband Javi were married at Wohelo in 2012.


Abbie’s baby is Javier Antonio Garcia-Tunon, Jr. Born Sept. 27, 2014. 7lb. 14 oz. 19.5″.
No Luther Halsey Garcia-Tunon? 🙂
We look forward to having him visit his Great-Great-Great Grandparents Camp.

Heidi Van Winkle Gorton has a piece of property nearby that she is looking at selling.  Description below –

1.5 acres for sale in a 21 lot development on Raymond Cape Road (Cathedral Pines -Between Wohelo and Migis Lodge).
Water/beach access, dock slot, and tennis court usage. Beautiful view of Wohelo Island and the
sunset that you fell in love with at camp. Please contact [email protected] for more

Here is some of the artwork that Deborah Hewson made for Wohelo.  So fun to have hand drawn maps from a certain time period at Wohelo (notice there is no Soccer field in this map)


Another old map like this at our Facebook page – Wohelo Facebook Group imgres