IMG_8168We had a great Alumnae Weekend, here at Banquet Night!


Copy of e-mail below from Sarah Carnabuci-  Thanks.   We missed you guys!

Dear Mark:
We are so sad to be missing Wohelo Alumni Weekend however we have a good excuse. 8 Wo girls gathered in Breckinridge CO to watch Julia Jones get married. The setting was extraordinary and we were so pleased to be a part of this special day. Before leaving for the airport, Louisa thanked her mom for sending her to camp. I think that sums up the impact Wohelo had on us.
Picture below: Sarah Carnabuci, Brett Grenert Fischer, Elizabeth Kistler, Anne Sexton, Julia Jones Natale, Wesley Royce, Megan MacCrellish Walton, Louisa Polos.


We just received these USB thumb drives which we will be sending out to all 2014 families with all the photos and videos from the summer.    What would Hiiteni think?


A sample…… Campers Weekly Photos below for the theme – Lines.  Top – Lucy McMillian, Bottom – Maura Honan

Sebago Lake misses everyone!



Martha Stewart Weddings had a Wohelo wedding in a summer issue.  Although these guys weren’t Wohelo alums, they loved camp and did a great job of preparing everything and creating their “Camp TeePee”.    Lots more photos here –