Mount Washington still has some snow on it, above photo from May 9th.
Largescale version HERE


Louise admiring Davis’ new purchase while returning with Lilacs from the Farmhouse.  We look forward to 20 more years with this Backhoe.  Imagine the things it will see.IMG_0473A  Tractor is one thing but the photo above shows a Wohelo resource that cannot be matched.  The group above (and a few who missed the photo) were here over Memorial Day Weekend and did an AMAZING amount of work around camp.  They are so much more fun to hang out with than the Backhoe also.

Helpers who not only cut down trees, but make the stumps a W.  

Besides work we also got some good crafts time and our first of Tammy’s food for the year….  did you say Dijon Chicken?  The Frogs Frolic Fire circle was well used,  Vela got a little chilly in the evening and moved right into the Fire Ring.



Below photo is a June 1st update to show water level rise, May 1st on left, June 1st on right
The H-Dock is probably dying to get in the water… it’s so close.

IMG_9353  IMG_9246

We’ll see you this summer at the next post!