Current Wohelo Availability as of March 1st

Space available for all sessions at Sebago Wohelo, girls 12-16.
Space available for Full Session at Little Wohelo
Limited half session availability for Little Wohelo
Peep Week One – July 21st – July 27th – Filled
Peep Week Two – July28th – August 3rd – Filled
NEW – Peep Week Three – August 4th – August 10th – Space available
Space Available for Second Week Family Camp –  August 23rd-30th
Alum Weekend – August 29th-September 1st – Sign ups starting this spring.
Alums- contact Wohelo for special pricing on second week family camp/alumni weekend combo.

Parent Folders will be sent Mid-March to enrolled families, bill sent out soon after that.

Heidi at our last Wohelo Gathering of the year, in Jackson, WY.  with Katie Madden Kavanaugh and Shannah Van Winkle

We received this e-mail from some loyal Wohelo girls this past month.

Hope all is well. We have just blown taps and capped the night on a fantastic impromptu Wohelo reunion. We started the night with some PB&J appetizers, followed up with Mac and cheese, and wound up with s’mores over the fire and a special “Wo is it!” Cake (see below). Katherine Brown hosted myself, Louisa, Katherine O’connell  Penta, Ann Marshall, Reed Rathgeber, Dorothy Malkin Keady and Lauren McCarthy at her Manhattan apartment. We had a great night reliving the glory days and flipping through the song book and “Down Through the Years.” What a great Friday! 

Ajax Eastman has been a Wohelo girl since 1939, her first summer at Little Wohelo.  She is also a current staff member and looking forward to Summer 2014.      Below e-mail describes her finding her photo from 1950 in DownEast magazine.

Edie Cleaves just gave me a copy of the February issue of Down East and as I was perusing it I found a photo of me! Believe it or not I am the bugler on the left in the black and white photo on page 60! I was one of the camp buglers then. (They needed buglers so Charlie, Kate and I all practiced before camp! There was only one brass bugle, so we also used old army green plastic bugles!) I was 17 at the time of the photo, a 2nd year TG in Spiders, and the girl beside me was a Griffiths…I think, and the one at the other end was Sylvia maybe Doane? They were 13 year olds in my cabin and delightfully endearing little devils. On one of my nights out, the stole the nozzle from the bugle so that I couldn’t blow reveille! They also did several of the other run of the mill tricks like tying knots in the mosquito netting and short sheeting, but needless to say, their stealthy snatching of the nozzle was the most creative and memorable!

See the posting from last month for all the photos in the magazine.  Besides discovering it was Sarah Bingham on the cover we also were reminded that it is Stephanie Braxton and Marcelle (Tarry) Gianelloni with the swimcaps on.   What fun!

We were recently asked for the “Wohelo Bird Needlepoint Pattern”  and Louise was able to find it easily!  We figured we would post it again for anyone that might be interested.  Link to PDF – Wobird Pattern

Wohelo on the Web
The Maine Summer Camps site just listed our video at our page on their site.  Check it out at –

Also a recent family just contacted us after researching on-line and finding this Ratinz page.
Thanks for the good reviews!

New Book on Camping – Hello Mother, Hello Father – Celebrating Summer Camp  – by Daniella Garrann

Daniella collected some information from us this past year and has kept us updated with the books progress.  We look forward to seeing it soon.   (Available for pre-order through Amazon)

Some photos from the past month at Wohelo.

Black Ice lasted for about a week before another snow storm.   Mark carved a Wo-Bird in the ice with his skate.

Then more snow and sunsets…..