Diver Sarah Bingham –  her facebook posting upon seeing it below.  You never know where Wohelo will bring you.

    •  Sarah Bingham Omg…That’s me!!!!!!
       January 24 at 7:45am
  • Sarah Bingham It was the summer I got my diving queen. I lived on the diving dock! I recall that day so clearly. I must have done 50 reverse dives in a row for Davis to get the shot. I’m speechless.
     January 24 at 8:12am

Upcoming 2014 Events 

Scituate, MA Gathering – Thursday, January 30th – 7pm

Redding, CT Gathering – Friday, January 31st – 7pm

Takoma Park, MD  Gathering –   February 2nd – 2pm

Jackson Hole, WY Gathering – February 5th

Memorial Day Spruce Up  –  May 23rd-26th – more info at Events Page

Alumni Weekend – August 29th – September 1st
We have a crack team planning this exciting weekend for all alums.  More to come soon, but save the date.

We have a few spaces available for our second week family camp also (August 23rd-30th) if you would like to make a week of it!

4th generation Gulick and Wohelo girl Abbie King got married at Wohelo in 2013.  Their wedding was just covered in DIY Bride on-line here.
Bald Eagle in a tree above the boathouse during a recent snowstorm (above)
January Sunsets, lake is frozen almost all the way across (below)
Heidi found this photograph in the farmhouse this winter.  We liked the photo, but it doesn’t appear to be Wohelo.  Although it makes you think of  Boulders Cove, the tree species and vegetation seem to be too different.  We opened up the frame and found the writing below.
There were several well known Luther Gulicks,  our Luther Halsey Gulick  – “Timanous” died in 1918.
“Dance of the Dryads”
May Tete – Mills College 1917
Dr. Luther Gulick
from Elizabeth R. Stoner
In grateful remembrance of the inspiring tales in the College.