Sebago Wohelo Head Counselor Bios – All second generation (at least) and over 10 years at camp.

Katie Paulson – Haeremai Unit –  13th summer at Wohelo
Daughter of Julia Ragland,  Wohelo -1969-1983
Granddaughter of Tom Ragland, Timanous

Jenn Brannen – Lewa Unit – 14th summer at Wohelo
Daughter of Caryn Thompson Brannen- Wohelo

Becca Lounsbury – Pine Unit – 11th summer at Wohelo
Daughter of Kate Spahn Lounsbury, Granddaughter of Priscilla Talcott Spahn

Beth Penrose – Boulders Unit – 14th Summer at Wohelo
Daughter of  Carrie Colton Penrose – Wohelo – 1965-1980
Granddaughter of Ellen Kellogg Colton 

If you are an alum, good chance you know one of these Woheloites!

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