The highlight of our past month was certainly Spruce Up Weekend over Memorial Day.  Despite inclement weather this hardy group (plus a few more)  accomplished an amazing amount of work to help us get ready for this summer.  We are so thankful to have friends that work hard and are such fun to be around  All three Gulick girls were in attendance. Anne and Holly did some remodeling of the Weaving side of the Silversmithing building.  During the clean up we removed a couple of the more difficult looms to make some space for other crafts.  If you are local and interested in purchasing one of these looms we would love to sell them to an alum/friend first.  $100 each but you’d have to pick them up soon as we will be listing them on Craig’s list next week.   See all the photos here –    A LeClerc Nilus and a Hammett – Little Dandy included. As if we didn’t know it before this weekend- Wohelo Girls are Hard as Nails and Dipped in Sunshine. See more photos of the weekend here – 2013 Spruce Up Weekend – Photos  Wohelo Girls adventuring (and staying hydrated), this week at Hadrians Wall in England, just over the border from Scotland.  Elin Moerk, Louise Overstreet Maley, Carol Duggan Whitfield, Deb Hewson Merrill, JoAnne Stansfield Diller and Charlie Hewson.  They hiked 48 miles in 4 days!

May Wohelo Bird and Alumni CampInTouch accounts  – May Wohelo Bird was mailed this past week, thank you all for your news. We respect your privacy and feel the The Wohelo Bird is too personal to post on the searchable internet.  It is available on-line to Alumni through your Wohelo -CampInTouch accounts.   Look for it under your “Forms” area.  Please contact us if you have questions about this system.
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Most of you know that Camp Wohelo was part of the founding of the Camp Fire Girls.  This old TV ad for the Camp Fire Girls is fun, keep an ear open for “Sing Wohelo, Sing Wohelo, Work, Health, Love”.

Summer 2014!??! We are very pleased to be filled at Little Wohelo this summer and a great group at Sebago Wohelo also.  We thank our Alums and Parents for spreading the word, especially to the wonderful girls who have been joining us.  If you know a potential family for 2014 or later we hope you will mention Wohelo to them or better yet add them to our database as a referral through your CampInTouch account.    Now is a great time to start thinking for next summer.