First the news from before the storm…..

Reunion Slide Shows happened this past month.  Lots of great turnout at the events.  See all the photos at our Facebook page “Wohelo Camps”

If you know of a possible future Wohelo girl please pass along their information to us via the referral form below.  Each person that adds a potential camper family over the next month will receive a Wohelo key ring flashlight as thanks.        Referral Form

Louise and Mark just got back from a short conference to help us learn more about the CampMinder program we have started to use for registrations, forms and photos.  They were impressed but wished all the information could be inserted into their heads – or put in a donut and eaten.  

Winter visitors are always a treat.  Sarah and Katie Paulson came by to say hello and talk summer.

This photo of Fritz Van Winkle flying his kite was taken at  Jordan Bay (the part of Sebago you see on your drive to Mosquito’s Ice Cream……..)  last week.  Very rare to have this perfect ice and no snow.   We saw cars from as far away as Rhode Island who had driven up to launch their ice boats.

At the Boulder reunion alum June Henrich Williams brought in these three beautiful art pieces.  The artist was Ernest Hamlin Baker, the father of her mother, Jean Baker, who was at Sebago Wohelo in 1929-1931.   Ernest also did many magazine covers for TIME and FORTUNE magazines.  What a cool thing to see,  we have scanned Lewa Dock, below are ipad photos of the other two.  We see note cards in the future…

We always enjoy the historical pieces alums share with us, below we have Timanous speaking at Pratt H.S. in Kansas and Louise Gulick (Halsey’s sister) graduation from Clark.  These were passed along by Louise (Lamphere) Beryl who JUST had a baby girl, Ella,  in December.    She is enjoying listening to the camp songs CD with her.

Bare ground at the end of last week above, and Saturday below.

The lake still is wide open in front of camp.