We are having a beautiful spring at Wohelo.  Warm, dry weather in general, although a recent weather pattern dumped a couple feet of snow on Mount Washington, now white again in the distance this past windy weekend.   We are really gearing up and getting excited for this summer!


Alum Ellen Edershiem, who has been scanning slides for us,  swapped her 1951-53 slides for some from her era this past weekend.  Mark was nice enough to show her why scanning them was important by spilling them all over the office floor.  Some selections of the slides below,  rare to see color images of camp from so long ago.  See the complete sets at the photo album section of the website– soon.

The photo above is Mother Merrill showing a camper (Teddy Bersbach)  some lichen on a tree stump.  Mother Merrill was Dottie Gulick’s mother who followed her daughter to Wohelo.  Our Nature/Ecology center is named after her – Mother Merrill’s Bee Hive.  The photo below show her sitting in front of the original Bee Hive,  now the TG hut for our Counselors in Training.

Lydia Bush Brown was at Wohelo with Hiiteni and was responsible for many of our current graphics and artwork.  An alum recently e-mailed asking for some of her artwork to finish her paddle (very cool).  This prompted us to do the google thing on Lydia and we and found one piece, shown above.  “Tree of Life”

Video of a Barred Owl we have been hearing around camp this spring.  This was taken right near Kate’s house at Sebago Wohelo, he is startled by some nearby hammering. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52PixWTGjU0

April Sunset