A big groups of Turkeys enjoying a snowy Little Wohelo beach this January

It’s Wohelo Gathering Season and we hope to see lots of you this winter.  Please invite friends who might be interested in Wohelo.  This is a great way to learn about our experiences.

Wohelo Atlanta Gathering in January.  See the winter schedule here –  Wohelo Gatherings

Wohelo was well represented in the “non camp specific” photos in the new Maine Summer Camps folder.  Above the top banner sunset and the bottom left sailing shot are from Wohelo.  Below is Wohelo sailing also.

Kendra Wales wedding to Bryan Ekelund on Sept. 25, 2010, where Jennifer Crystal and Rachel Russant Milliken were bridesmaids. Jen read the Camp Prayer at the ceremony!

Evelyn Silvers Fliv Daly 1920-2011 –
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