Evelyn Silvers Fliv Daly –  FLIV – Little Wohelo 1968-1995, passed along December 22nd at 91 years old.   Many alums will remember Fliv teaching swim and there is no doubt that she has improved the swim strokes of thousands of campers over the years.  She was also an inspirational swimmer herself with over 500 miles on her camp lap card,  perhaps a record.   We have missed her since she left in 1995 and will take this opportunity to remember her time at Little Wohelo.   We will also post this album to facebook.

There is an obituary at – http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/delawareonline/obituary.aspx?n=evelyn-silvers-daly-fliv&pid=155155934

1969 teaching Lifesaving

1970 Swim Staff

1971 at the Activity Board


1964 with Crow





1988 above and below

1993 above with Quincy and Heidi who were both counselors at Little Wohelo that year.

For the younger folks – Reed Rathgeber was a camper at Little Wohelo that summer.