We got a little Trick and Treat this Sunday before Halloween with a couple inches of snow.

It is fun to look at everyone that has registered for next summer  at the Summer 2012 page.   We hope lots more of you will sign up before the November 15th deadline for discount and early registration gift.

Alums and friends please think of us for new Wohelo girls!  Now is a great time to plan for joining us in 2012.

Above photo of Fall Foliage on Rookies and below photo of Mount Washington with the first white of winter were both posted at our Facebook page with other tidbits this past month.

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Below are Wohelo Alumns at Sarah Begin’s wedding this October.  Reed was the Maid of Honor.
Left to right –Kate Jarvis Mullen,  Emily Drummond, Lloyd Murray,  Susan Arenander Rathgeber,  Kate Stitzer Dow, Reed Rathgeber,  Tammy Murray, SARAH BEGIN – now Cameron,  Mark, Quincy, Davis and Louise Van Winkle,  Katherine Brown and Sarah Walcott

I just downloaded Quincy’s camera and it had lots of great shots…..from the past year!  (I will post more of them at Facebook later).  This one below is from last winter with the ice just starting to melt in rivers,  reflecting the sunset.

In typical Wohelo coincidence ,  also on my desk were the words to the Jewel Song which was requested recently for the funeral of  Louise Valentine Pattison (Sebago Wohelo 1936-1937).  Jewel Song was written by Joan Chater Harap at Wohelo.

“Ruby the sunset sheen” – seemed like a good title for this photo.

And another Wohelo Wedding this Halloween weekend.   Dorothy Malkin and Dave Keady were married at Migis Lodge on Saturday and awoke to snow on the ground Sunday  morning. That seems appropriately magical for a couple that met as counselors at Wohelo and Timanous.

Wohelo alumnae – Lydia, Victoria and Dorothy Malkin,  Katherine Brown,  Emily Drummond and Reed Rathgeber.