We had a fantastic end to the summer and two great weeks of family camp.  Then everyone left and  Irene came.  Pretty good timing after a summer of almost perfect weather.  

We lost a number of large trees around camp and only got our power back on Thursday after four days without.   The worst damage was Lewa teba below.  A few other buildings have minor damage and it looks very  “branchy” around camp but overall the trees that came down were old or sick and this was a beneficial clearing.  

But back to the past month… 

Salad Bar got even better this year.  Worth singing about!  Here is an edited version (there were a lot of verses) of a song written this summer by Twisted Screw cabin. 

Watersports Day above and Witch Trip below on the last days of camp.

Then two weeks of Family Camp at Little Wohelo.

Owls, the Little Wohelo craft cabin above, has had a full life at Wohelo.  Above we see it stripped down for demolition. 

And below we see that very same demolition this past week.

But no worries, Owls will be back better than ever.  The floor is in already and we’ll have a full tour by next month’s posting.

Allison and Jorie are traveling the world as “The World Wandering Wo-Girls” –  see their blog here – http://allisonjorierwt.blogspot.com/