As usual camp has flown by this summer.  We have been amazingly lucky with weather, again.   Maine was spared the brunt of the heat wave, but we still had some warm days  in June.  Sebago Lake and the breezes kept us cool. 

Fourth of July tow above.  Another beautiful evening.
Deer that jumped off Rookies Island and swam by the sailing docks below.  We were all impressed by how fast it could swim!

Molly  Vianney our assistant director at Sebago Wohelo had a nice piece written about her and her daughters who attend Wohelo  –

The growing 420 fleet has enjoyed the wind this summer.

Tom and Holly visited for a bit this summer.  Tom spent most of his time working on the top deck of the Zip, it looks great! 
He also designed and built the xylophone below,  look for it on your next visit to Wohelo. 

A great regatta this summer.  Our sailors did an excellent job and kept another blue paddle for the dining hall.

“Summers always fly, summers always fly by”

Final event calendar

Sunday, August 7, 7:00 pm Sebago Wohelo Drama presents Grease

Monday, August 8, 10:30 Sebago Wohelo Dance Recital followed by Craft Show;  6:00 pm Guest dinner followed by Grand Council Fire

Tuesday, August 9, Water Sports Day SW 10:30 am on the arena; 3:30 Crew Demonstrations off of Lewa rocks
Little Wohelo – 5:00 pm Final performances and Little Wohelo Craft Show ;  7:00 pm Final Frogs’ Frolic

Wednesday, August 10, Campers pack in the morning,  camper only banquet, evening farewell

Thursday, August 11, Campers depart by 10:00 am