We are off to a great start this summer at Wohelo.  We will be posting lots (and lots) of photos at the Summer 2011 pages for our current families and reminiscing alumnae.  E-mail us at wohelo@wordpress-504287-1599653.cloudwaysapps.com for the password.  Please tell us who you are in the request.

Wow!  Lots of  press about Wohelo this past week.  It is fun to read when we are in the middle of it. 

Wohelo opening day was on the cover of the Portland Press Herald on Friday, June 24th.   

A big article in the current Yankee Magazine.  A good excerpt below.  See more at the PDF links at the bottom of this page.

 and currently at Wohelo……

You know it’s a big deal if the Head Cook, Tammy Murray leaves camps during the first week…. and also Davis and Louise.  

In fact it was.   A surprise (50th?) birthday party for Lloyd Murray, longtime Wohelo cook and our ticket to Tammy.  Between the two of them they have over 50 years in our camp kitchens.  Thanks and congratulations.

Don’t forget to write your favorite Wohelo campers this summer.  We all love mail!

A huge thanks to the scholarship donors who provide opportunities to girls like the one below.

Yankee article below,  but buy the magazine.  It’s even better.

Yankee 2011 1
Yankee 2011 2
Yankee 2011 3
Yankee 2011 4
Yankee 2011 5
Yankee 2011 6
Yankee Page 9

We’ll try not to let it get to her head.