A huge thanks from Wohelo to our Spruce Up crew from this past Memorial Day weekend.  Above photo, in front of the wood chipper, only shows part of the crew.  See more photos HERE  (don’t forget to come back to read the rest of the posting).  Thanks to Sally Cutler for the great photos.

High Water at Wohelo!  These college students are losing space for their English class as Lewa dock is mostly covered by water.   This water level is common for this time of year and we expect to have the whole dock back before the campers arrive.

Here is Fritz with Penny and a friend from school standing on top of the the Big Rock, now underwater,  in the middle of Little Wohelo rowing cove.

Facebook Update – Facebook is having us change our personal Wohelo account  to a business page.   We will be closing our current facebook account next week.    It’s confusing but all you need to think about is to be sure to LIKE our new Wohelo Page at – Wohelo Camps Facebook Page 

This photo is from a  White Mountain Camp brochure  from the 1930’s with a bunch of photos of the sailing cove and Point.  In the 30’s Camp Wohelo was running next door with a chain link fence separating the White Mountain boys from the Wohelo girls.   The fence was at the top of the hill,  right above the current White Mountain Cabin (previously Pottery).  The whole booklet is HERE