Spring is …. coming. 

The lake is still completely frozen over and it snowed several inches today, no April Fools.  
But it’s beautiful as always.   Here is a sunset photo of the lake from last week.  

Camp News –

New Wohelo Brochure  –  Hopefully you have all recieved our recent brochure, and thank you to those who have made such nice comments about it.  We hope you will share your mailing with prospective campers, or pass along their contact information to us.  We still have space available for this summer.   Copy of flyer here – Wohelo-Brochure

Work at Wohelo this summer? – We have some openings for  this summer and figure some of you might be interested or know the perfect canidate.  
Counselors at Sebago Wohelo   
Cook at Little Wohelo  (Tammy at Sebago Wohelo helps organize/order)
Nurse    (additional staff for Health Center)

Donations for Bunny Carroll –  Bunny’s passing has brought some great memories of her back to Wohelo.  We thank those of you who have made scholarship donations in her name.  See donation information here – https://wohelo.com/news/donations/,  just note Bunny Carroll in the memo line.

Alumni Weekend, September  September 9-11, 2011
All decades welcome for a fun weekend at Wohelo.  More information in the coming Wohelo Bird and on the website soon.

2011 Spruce Up Weekend, Memorial Day,  May 28th-30th
A work weekend, mostly outdoors, helping get Wohelo ready for 2011 with friends.  We provide the room and board,  you provide the labor.   Sign up for the event at Facebook!
2006 Spruce Up photo album at – https://wohelo.com/archives/archival-photos/?shashin_album_key=146  
2009 Spruce Up photo album at – https://picasaweb.google.com/luthergulick/SpruceUpWeekend2009

A fairly in depth article about Luther Halsey Gulick  –  http://www.infed.org/thinkers/gulick.htm

Goodbye Diane! 
After more than 10 years at Wohelo Diane  and her husband Charlie will be taking to the road with their truck and camper and leaving Maine.   They are spending the summer working at a KOA near Diane’s son and grandson in Texas and will move on the other campgrounds from there.  We will miss her greatly but look forward to hearing of her adventures.  We are lucky that Diane was able to train our new office manager, Debbie Hammond, before she left.  

Below photo with Quincy, Diane and Debbie on March 31st, Diane’s last day of work.

If you have been to Wohelo you probably can almost smell the photo below.   It’s Ossie’s famous chicken,  cooked in the same way for over 50 years here at Wohelo.  We have it a couple times every summer and is a common site at Camp weddings and events like our Alumni weekend this coming September.

Below is 1960 photo with the infamous Ossie Jewett on the right and Bob Boyden on the left.  Ossie worked maintainence for most of his life at camp Wohelo and was a wonderful addition to the camp family with his wife Wilma.   The grill and racks were custom made for Wohelo, one of a kind!

 Below is Halsey Gulick and then counselor Louise Gulick carrying a rack of chicken to the grill.

The real key to this chicken is the equipment and the method of seasoning during a long cook time.    Of course the fact that you usually eat it in a spectacularly beautiful location with good friends helps the flavor also.    Below recipe from the Little Wohelo Kitchen (this is the actual recipe card they use)  is for about 100 half chickens.   We like to separate the wet ingredients and dry spices for more control (and so the spices don’t gum up the watering can we use to pour it on the chicken).   
Good luck and post any good results and ideas at Facebook.

Our thanks to Susan Lacey for asking about the recipe and sending me a couple photos.