We hope you enjoy this historical ramble based around Pine Point….

Pine Point  is what many of us know as “Charlie’s House”, because Charlie and Roger Hewson have lived there since 1972.   It is the property bordering the south end of camp, past the Little Wohelo tennis courts.  This is a fall view from the far side of the property looking back toward camp, with view of the Blueberry Islands.

 Here is Charlie Hewson sailing with Bunny Carroll in 1970.

These photos allow us to segway to expressing Wohelo’s love for Bunny Carroll, who passed away last Sunday, February 27th.  Obituary in the Salt Lake Tribune – http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/saltlaketribune/obituary.aspx?n=harriet-carroll&pid=149055420

Bunny spent 37 summers at Wohelo in many of the most important positions at camp.

1933 – Sebago Wohelo Camper
1934-1935  – Sebago Wohelo TG/Counselor 
1945-1946  Tiny Wohelo counselor – 1945 Tiny Wohelo Photo below with Bunny, Bill (on leave from the service), Dana Carroll (their first), Patsy Waterman and Louise Gulick.  
1962 – Sebago Wohelo Nurse
1966-1996 Little Wohelo Director or Assistant Director

Bill and Bunny Carroll both were involved with Wohelo.  Bill passed away in 2008.

Above is Bunny in 1990 as Assistant Director with then Director Evelyn (Hewson) King. 

This brings the ramble back to Pine Point because… Charlie and Roger MOVED!     They now live at a beautiful spot on the Maine coast – right next door to Evelyn.  Wohelo was able to repurchase the property and it is now again part of  camp.    Again because….

Prior to the Hewsons house, Pine Point was the site of the cabins High Point and Low Point, seen below in 1949.

They were the cabins for the oldest girls at Little Wohelo out on the very end of that point.

Below photo, also from 1949, shows Ted Perrine at another cookout site,  in front of Crows and Orioles cabins where Flicker cabin is now.  This photo was probably taken the same evening as the cabin photo above.

Ted Perrine came to Wohelo as a counselor in 1931 and spent pretty much every summer here until 1968.  She then had a summer house nearby and was an enthusiastic and wonderfully spry alum until her death in 1999.   She was a true Wohelo Girl.

A bequest in Ted’s will helped to make the repurchase of Pine Point possible.   Thank You Ted!

Back to Pine Point – 

The history of Pine Point was that it was the cabin for the Timanous boys in 1918 and Noble Cathcart was the director. There were 6 boys that summer. Fred Hodgson, Charles Kendall, Howell Lee, John Neal, Pete Raycroft and Paul Wagemann. It probably became a cabin for the girls as soon as the boys moved over to Panther Pond.

This is the oldest photo I could identify as Pine Point, from 1941.  with it’s view of Little Wohelo.

Below is the  fire pit in the 21st century.

Here is the same view from the campfire site in front of  High Point – Low Point in 1960 with Blueberry Island in the background and Bob and Beebe Boyden in front.  Bob and Beebe were the directors of Little Wohelo for many years.  

and Bob and Beebe at Frog’s Frolic with their good friends Halsey and Dottie Gulick.   

Some other good friends of Halsey and Dottie,  Johnny and Marti Suitor, (below)  at Timanous and Hitteni Sunday,  all three photos from 1960. 

We were saddened to lose another wonderful member of the Timanous/Wohelo family when Marti Suitor passed away this past month.  Read the Burlington Free Press Obituary here – http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/burlingtonfreepress/obituary.aspx?n=martha-rist-suitor&pid=148686122

Above photography class  at High Point Low Point site  seemed appropriate as the new tenant of Pine Point will be none other than our Photography Director and all around crafts and special events planner…. Anne (Fricker) Hutchinson and her family.   We will miss the Hewsons but are happy with our new neighbors.

I’m sure everyone wanted to see the photo they were taking….

During this transistion time we decided to harvest some of the trees on the Pine Point back property and into that side of Little Wohelo.  This included clearing a few of the really big old trees near Bobolinks cabin, like the one below.  That combined with our Memorial Day cleanup this spring should leave a nice open feel on that side of camp. 

Pine Point Logging Video

The last day of cutting, March 3rd, this deer had already moved into Pine Point. It spent the day basking in a  spot made sunny by a tree that had been cut, while cutting continued only 100 yards away.  It only stood up when I walked closer to take a photo.   We think that is a good sign that this was a healthy cut for this area.

Final Note —-  We still have spaces available, all sessions,  for this summer and always appreciate the help our loyal alums and families give us with recruiting.  We will be sending out a cool new brochure mailing next week, please pass it along to a prospective family and tell them about Wohelo!   Thank you.