The lake has been frozen for several weeks now.  Mount Washington in white across the lake.

Bald Eagles landing on the lake for Ice Fisherman scraps.

Jorie made a winter visit to help shovel some roofs.   Got to take care of Pottery!

Mark warmed up for roof shoveling making a huge snow fort for Fritz’s 8th Brithday Party.  See video at you tube here –

It is pretty active around Wohelo, even in the winter.   Some jobs are better when it’s cold.    Above is the start of a logging project on Wohelo property on the other side of Raymond Cape Road.   This is best done in the winter to protect the ground from getting dug up by all the big machines.    Below Rick D. is taking advantage of the combintation of low water levels and the frozen lake to put the finishing touches on the Sebago Wohelo ski dock on Rookies Island.   Instead of bringing stuff out in a boat he used a Toboggan!

We’ve been having some fun gatherings with current and prospective campers.  Two photos here from Arlington, MA.

Wilmington, Delaware above and Princeton, NJ below

NEW JASON LEVASSEUR CD!  “In another life”

Read e-mail we recieved about it HERE

And how appropriate for us campers that we need to write a letter to get the best deal, no on-line orders yet on itunes.  

To order the new CD directly from “the artist” – Please send a check or money order for $12 to…
LeVasseur Family Tree Music
PO Box 68333
Nashville , TN 37206

I will include a free copy of the new 5-song booking sampler and 5 bumper stickers with every order!
If you buy the new CD… you can also purchase my other CDs for half-price… $5!!!