October 1st view of Rookies Island,  most of the the trees are just starting to change.   

We recently found the below graphic from a 1915 newsletter from our files.   It matches the next three months of 2010.  Printable copy here – calendarpdf


We’re excited to have a strong start to enrollments for 2011.  Check out who is signed up at the Summer 2011 page       2010 tuition for registrations before Halloween!    4th of July 2010 boat tow below.


We ran out of our classic Houseboat photo postcard this past year and plan to print a new postcard.   
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Above -Rachel (Russant) Milliken  had an enthusiastic entourage for her visit here at the end of the summer.
Below –  Alice Ely and Alyssa Maloney were maid-of-honor and bridesmaid respectively at Taylor Arnolds wedding  in Amelia Island, FL to a great guy named Michael Bowler.  Linda Abston Larsen (’79-80) was there also.