Hello Woheloites,

As many of you know we had a spectacular summer this year.   Our staff group was exceptional  and a great group of new and returning campers earned an AMAZING amount of awards in what only can be described as perfect weather for the whole summer.    We are still reeling from it all but also looking forward to getting camp ready for 2011.  

For a complete update on the summer check out the Wohelo 2010 photos.   Please e-mail us if you need a password (and don’t forget to tell us who you are).   Here are some items that are recent or didn’t make it into the website this summer.

Each week a different unit at Sebago Wohelo writes a song for the weekly Count, or Council Fire Performance.  We had some great ones this summer and we managed to regroup most of one unit for a recording session.


It was fun to see a painted Wohelo paddle in everyday action this summer when Alice (Lawton) Lehmann rented a nearby cottage and commonly took morning paddles out to Rookies.


These two photos of Boulders Beach just turned up this week.  Above photo is the lowest water picture we have seen.   Below photo is older, from an e-bay postcard.  We added black text.


MORE Movies….  Here is an excellent copy of an 1919  Wohelo movie On the National Film Preservation Foundation website. (note – it will stop the youtube soundtrack when you visit this site)   http://www.filmpreservation.org/preserved-films/screening-room/wohelo-camp-ca-1919

It only really rained a couple times this summer but they were significant amounts.   This storm during second session was quite short but over 4 inches an hour is A LOT of rain.  In typical 2010 weather fashion it only lasted 20 minutes or so and then we got the view below. 

We always knew something special was at the end of a rainbow.