Summer 2010 is almost here!


This large group of Geese was trying to move into camp before you all arrive. 
(They were a little upset that with all our bird names there was not a Goose Cabin to be found.)

COOL FACTS –  as usual,  this summer we will have lots of campers whose mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and now great-great grandmothers attended Wohelo.

106 generation campers this summer, 40% of the camp had a direct descendent attend before them.
24 (12%) are 3rd generation or more.
11  – 4th generation (their great grandparents were at Wohelo – Mark, Heidi and Anne are 3 of them)
4 – 5th Generation (Ellie, Fritz, Hannah and Ainslie) 


Penny, Ellie, Mark, Quincy and Fritz – test driving some new Standup Paddleboards for this summer.

Thanks to Sally Morton from Jackson, Wyoming for forwarding her school essay below.   We’ll miss you this summer! 

Blue Waters and Memories

Pine needles crunch underneath my feet. Sapling scent flows into my nostrils. In front of me, I see a lake with three small islands dotting the cove, a warm mist just above the surface, and ripples from early morning canoers. I see a lake of blue waters and memories.

Behind me lies a forest with campers inhabiting cabins , with more trees than sky, with more history than you or me. There lies a forest of warm trees and secrets.

Beside me girls are laughing. These girls have become more like sisters to me in these past seven summers in Maine, than friends. I come back every summer for them. Not for the awards, or the skills, or the sailing, for them. I can leave behind regrets from school, incidences from home, and be myself. They know who I truly am because of the simple life we lead. Without electricity, without cell phones or ipods, without style, we can express who we really are. Without judgment and scheming, we can be ourselves.

Jackson is my home, but deep in the woods of Maine is where I want to be. Without my endless summers on the east coast, I would be a completely different person. They have shaped me just like any test, snowfall, or ski day here. Some people think I am crazy spending seven weeks, seven summers, in Maine. But they don’t know any of it. Some people really don’t understand, but at the same time, I can’t explain it. Let’s just say they don’t know about blue waters and memories.