Not much news from camp this month but we’ve got a couple neat history tid-bits and a historic camping video to watch.  Look for things to get hopping around here soon!


Mount Washington is always impressive this time of year.  


Scholarship donor plaques awaiting their Adirondack Chairs for us to enjoy this summer. 

Newly refinished table at Little Wohelo Dining Hall.  Those posts are put in for the winter to hold up the roof with snow weight,  wasn’t much of an issue this winter.


100 Years of Camping video from the American Camping Association website.

Wohelo thanks the alums that brought the following  items to our attention this month.


Karine Ingersol sent this postcard to Ellie from New Zealand.    A war canoe for the whole camp!

Wall Street Journal Article on March Madness and basketball founder Dr. James Naismith mentions Luther Halsey Gulick – ‘”Timanous”

Link here –

That link may not work – here are some excerpts-

About – Dr. James Naismith. – Convinced that he could better exemplify the Christian life through sports than in the pulpit, he moved to Springfield, Mass., to serve as a physical-education instructor at the Young Men’s Christian Association’s International Training School for Christian Workers (now Springfield College). Naismith’s vision? “To win men for the Master through the gym.”

Encouraged by his director, Luther Gulick, Naismith set out to create an indoor activity for students during the winter months.

Naismith and Gulick held the sport and its players to a high standard. In an 1897 article addressing foul play, Gulick underlined basketball’s noble origins: “The game must be kept clean. It is a perfect outrage for an institution that stands for Christian work in the community to tolerate not merely ungentlemanly treatment of guests, but slugging and that which violates the elementary principles of morals. . . . Excuse for the rest of the year any player who is not clean in his play.”

Men like Naismith and Gulick sought to develop the whole person—mind, body and spirit—and the YMCA emblem, an inverted red triangle, symbolized their threefold purpose.

Dr. and Mrs. Luther Halsey Gulick started schools in Hawaii 145 years ago –
This is Timanous’ Mother and Father, same name and his dad was a Doctor also.   Mark and Heidi’s Great-Great Grandparents.

We mentioned last year that the Gulicks help to found the High School that Barack Obama went to, Hawaii’s Punahou High School.   An alum recently found a letter from the Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii, that credits the Gulicks with starting their school 145 years ago by inviting Missionary children into their home for schooling.