Contrary to what you might think, we haven’t gotten any snow over the past month.  It has all fallen south of us.  Last night we got about 1/2 inch, the first snow of any sort in over three weeks, and it’s melting quickly.   

This is the view across the lake to Mount Washington.  At least it still has snow on it.IMG_8302



Six Bald Eagles spent some time in front of the Waterskiing Dock recently, right at the ice/water line.


We just recieved this Birdhouse made for us by the Camp Fire Girls to honor Hiiteni and Timanous.   Look for it this summer!

Bluebirds Cabin at Sebago Wohelo – where Reed lives in the middle of camp – was the tent that housed the youngest group of girls when Wohelo was started.  For this reason when they where putting together the awards for Camp Fire Girls they called the first award the “Bluebird”.  Below is a photo of the Bluebirds Tent and an early group of  “Bluebirds” at Wohelo.  Both photos are from Charlie’s Book – “Down Through the Years” -Wohelo history 1907-1937.  It’s available through camp, $30 including shipping.



We take the Boulders diving boards down to make sure no one tries their backdive in the winter.


It’s still beautiful even without snow.