IMG_8278Ice is coming in and out with the wind.  it freezes a bit when it’s calm and then the waves break it back up again.


Sometimes you don’t need a Precision Weather Instrument to tell you it’s cold.

I guess no one will be able to complain to Penny about a cold morning dip this summer.


We are just finishing up our  Wohelo gatherings this winter.  We have had a great time seeing everyone and look forward to seeing all the new campers at Wohelo this summer. 

Wayland and Hamilton MA reunions this past weekend. 

Quincy and Heidi saw Megan at a Camp fair in January.  Look at this cool bracelet her mom made out of her yearly summer pins.


Alum news –
Suki and Alexa saw each other at a Basketball game this winter and listened to Jason Levasseur songs together while the boys game was going on.


Speaking of Jason – he’ll be palying a few times in Maine – at Colby on March 16th and Bates on March 18th,  we’ll hope to have a little mini-reunion at those shows.  See all the information at –  .  While you’re there you can join his mailing list and help vote him into even more awards.

News from the Dukeharts — Coburn Dukehart (Wohelo 1988-1992) lives and works in Washington DC where she is the Photo editor and Media manager for NPR Radio.  Picture above is of Coburn receiving an award from the White House for her work at NPR.   Katherine Dukehart (Wohelo 1988-1992) owns her own restaurant in Bocas Del Toro Panama, on the Caribbean Sea. She has lived in Central America for the last 5 years.  Visit her website here – 


Wohelo was well represented at the Engineering challege at the Boston Museum of Science recently in a  design your own boat race.  (They mispelled Migis).

Katherine Holtby(above) looks a little different in the winter than at Little Wohelo in the summer.

Luther Hasley Gulick to be honored for his work with Springfield College at event in Indiana –