Hello Woheloites, 
Mid-winter chilly here at Sebago Lake but we are all getting excited for Summer 2010.   It looks like a great group of campers and counselors already signed up and more coming in every day.   See all the names at the Wohelo 2010 page.

The first skim of ice on the lake this morning, January 14th.   Almost all the other lakes in Maine are frozen already but Sebago is about the last to freeze because it is so big.


Lots of fun at Wohelo Gatherings so far this winter.  We hope to see you at one over the next month.  See dates here- https://wohelo.com/news/events/


Look at this crew in Seattle for our first Gathering there.


Wohelo is so lucky to have skilled artists who love camp.  Above is Christmas card from Becca Knisley (frequent website contributor  in the summer) below are some Wohelo paper snowflakes that Holly David and Connie Cross designed and made this past weekend while visiting camp.  Lots more cool designs and instructions at www.papersnowflakes.com 

Notice the frog design in the snowflake on the left.


Pottery-Wohelo-birddrAbove is a photo of the Wohelo Bird painted in a pottery bowl.  The Indian Art  book this photo was scanned from is inscribed Charlotte Vetter Gulick – 1920.   Perhaps where she found the Wohelo Bird symbol?   She chose it to represent the well rounded Wohelo camper.  Someone who is comfortable in all environments – water, land and air. 
The camper newsletter this month includes a Wohelo sticker so you can share the Wohelo Bird with others.  We hope you’ll post it in an appropriate place where it will be appreciated.  When you do, take a picture of it and we’ll start posting them on the website.    Alums – free sticker this month if you want to participate (and we’d also love a photo of your car or whatever currently might have a sticker).      E-mail photos or sticker requests to us at [email protected] 

Below is a start- it’s the winter mailbox for Wohelo.

Mark takes an icy paddleboard tour today.