Wo, Wo, Wo wo wo Wohelo, Wohelo,
Wo, Wo, Wo wo wo Wohelo

This craziness began back in 19-7
When Charlotte said to Luther, “Hey, let’s start a camp!”
That’s when they started building here on Lake Sebago
They knew from the beginning it would be a champ

Wohelo, Wo, Wo, Wo wo wo Wohelo, Wohelo
Wo, Wo, Wo wo wo Wohelo

We live in little cabins with our friends and sisters
Some say dipped in sunshine, but we’re hard as nails
We strive to meet traditions make us Camp Wohelo
Facing all the challenges that help us grow
Having fun at Wo

Wo, Wo, Wo wo wo Wohelo, Wohelo
Wo, Wo, Wo wo wo Wohelo

“Sarah’s Song”


We’ve had a beautiful warm fall. No snow yet and green grass at the start of December. A couple of frosty nights like this and then…



ASTRONOMY MINUTE – This weekend is the Geminid Meteor Shower, the biggest of the whole year and no moonlight this year is a bonus!    It is going for several days but if you get a chance some night soon (December 13/14 is the peak but Saturday the 12th looks less cloudy here) try to be outside in a dark place with few clouds and spend 10-15 minutes looking up.   You’ll have a good chance of seeing a “shooting star”   (actually a piece of space dust heating up the air around it as it whizzes by, or through, our atmosphere).   It is pretty big shower (so looking up is the most important) but  looking near the constellation Orion is often a good bet.  

London Reunion

Look at this recent photo of a  Wohelo Reunion in London.   We found this on Facebook and we do some postings of different items there.  Currently we have some old camp movies posted at our site.  Come be our Friend! We’re  Camp Wohelo and look for our logo.  
One of the videos we posted at our Facebook page explains what this stone structure in the middle of Sebago Wohelo was originally used for.  This photo from last week, just before the snow.  


Amy Diller Kelsey and Anton Kelsey were married July 25, 2009
Wohelo Alumnae present – Charlie Hewson, Jess Carroll with Oscar, Sharon Glick, Amy Diller, JoAnne Stansfield Diller