Happy Thanksgiving Week 
Maine has school vacation all this week.  We’re lucky with good weather (but no snow for skiing yet). 
We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with friends and family.  
Those of you in Maine –  we hope to see you at the first gathering, prospects welcome, bring a friend.
FALMOUTH, ME – Sunday, December 6, 2:00 pm, Falmouth Library.

Recent Annoucement postings – be sure to check out the previous postings.   Raking weekend photos were posted today also, and there is a fun history of LEWA dock two postings ago. 

Camp Wohelo on Facebook – We may be over 100 years old but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up  with the youngsters.   You can be a friend of Camp Wohelo on Facebook now.  We have posted some old videos and photos at our site and are having fun keeping an eye out for Wohelo photos from all of you.  
 Pre-1980 alums… if, like us 4 months ago,  you haven’t signed up for Facebook yet, here is your excuse.  We’d love to be your friend.
Other on-line communication –
1.  If you sign up for the “Get updates by e-mail”  above you recieve an e-mail when there is a new posting at this page.   You probably just got two e-mails as we posted two pages the same day.
2. Wohelo recently sent out our first formatted newsletter via e-mail.  We intend this managed e-mail list to mostly be used for current camp families.

And now to some photos…..


The weather has been beautiful this fall.  It has been up to 50 degrees this past week.  
Great sunsets and nice weather for working and playing outdoors.

heidi with group of kidsdr

We had a very sucessful raking weekend.  Thanks to everyone!  See lots more photos of raking weekend in the previous posting.


Camp purchased another 420 sailboat after our sucess with this type of boat this summer at Sebago Wohelo.   Thanks to alum Paige Brown who thought of us when she decided to sell this nice boat (this one has a spinnaker too!).   We look forward to seeing  it in Sebago Lake this summer.   We’re still looking for 420’s to add to our fleet if you see a great deal.


Wohelo reunion at Damriscotta, Maine – Pumpkin Festival last month with Carolyn (Doubman) Totherow.  We found out Gwen Thompson was there too, she must have been hiding behind a Pumpkin.  Photo below of the Pumpkin Races – yes, real Pumpkins with people in them paddling or motoring.  It seems like something we might do at camp if it was later in the growing season.

Some things are the same all year round.  Here is Mark, November 17th, in uniform (and hunting season orange) with clipboard in hand, getting excited by the size of this huge shelf mushroom he found on a forestry walk on camp property on the other side of Raymond Cape Road.  Maybe someday this will be part of a nature walk over there. 

Lee and Emma in Paris

Lee and Emma in Paris.  Wohelo est le meilleur du marché   

That’s “Wohelo is the best around” into Google Translator to French.  It translates back into “Wohelo is the best Market”? 

Oh well, that’s why we like having people like Emma and Lee at camp.