Huge Thanks to our great group of Rakers this past weekend.  We have a core group of folks coming up from Massachusettes every year and Boy can they rake!   We got a whole weekend of raking in between 8 and 1 on Saturday prior to the 3 inches of rain that fell in the 12 hours following.

heidi with group of kidsdrHeidi with our elite Leaf Stompers
beforedr  Little Wohelo Playground at 8:45
playground cleandrand at 10 o’clock.

Louise Rakesdr

Louise (above) and Charlie (below on blower) have probably moved more than a couple leaves off this field in their lives.
charlie on blowerdr

group by truckdrInstructions – Rake…Fill Trash Can…Fill truck from Trash Can….Empty Truck………..Repeat
Cathy and Vakedr

Cathy and Vake (and cute family-including you Gill!) visited on Saturday.

craig sleepsdr

Wohelo’s Chief Information Officer, Craig,  got lots of excersise away from his computer and then a quick nap in Snowbirds.

Tammy steersdr
Also thanks to the group for patience and helping with the Wohelo Christmas photo this year on Sunday (and for moving rocks and….).  
Above –  our cook Tammy shows that Dijon Chicken is just one of her many skills as she captains back after the photo.  This will be Tammy’s 25th summer at Camp this year!

raking group 09dr

Thanks again to everyone (not all shown here).  We hope the leaves will fall next year so you’ll come back to join us.