The water is warming up, boats are going in and we are getting excited for the summer.


Sebago Wohelo boat cove is starting to look like itself as more boats go in the water.   The Migis has a nice new paint job.


Rick, Davis and Dick working on getting the Zip out.  Yes, this is as difficult as it looks.   Small garage, BIG boat that can’t even fit in the garage on a trailer.  The backhoe comes into play soon.

tree-face2Camp seems very alive this spring. 


Birthday cookies for Jen Crystal made by Kendra Wales

Wohelo Nation

Wohelo’s done a century of summers
It makes light work of growing,
Winning, losing, laughing, learning.
Grand armadas, miracles –
Pianos walk on water,
Fire buckets rise uphill.

Health is in the air;
Pine-scent therapy is free –
Generations have sniffed it,
Arousing suspicion
Of intoxication,
Welcoming addiction.

Love of place,
Love of creatures –
Friends and all the rest.
Hearts ease open
In the act of being there.

What happens in the torrid arc of summer?
Friendships welded
By young intensity,
Tempered by silliness and skills,
Annealed on baking boulders.
One hundred years of gratitude,
Another century to build.

Tom Glick
Tom is a family camper,  husband to alumna Georgia Sherman Glick 1948-1958 and father to alumna Sharon Glick – 1985-1991